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The SP firmware 3.0.1P1 is incompatible with Data ONTAP for SwitchAPI

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Applies to

  • SP version 3.0.1Px
  • FAS 80x0
  • ONTAP 9
  • AFF-A8080


  • Unable to log in to the Service Processor after Motherboard replacement with the admin credentials post giveback.
  • SP is running with firmware version 3.0.1Px and this is only compatible with 7-Mode.
  • A manual update of SP from the cluster fails with the below message

Cluster::*> system service-processor image update -node Node-01 -baseline true

Note: Firmware update will need to reboot the SP on completion. If your console connection is through the SP, 
it will be disconnected
Do you want to proceed with the firmware update ? {y|n}: y
Error: command failed: Pre-update Check failed: SP is not Cluster Services capable.

  • EMS logs will report the below alert

Wed Feb 23 02:32:16 +0530 [Node-01: splog_main: splog.running.normally:info]: Process splogd is operating normally.
Wed Feb 23 02:32:16 +0530 [Node-01: sp_applications_init: sp.firmware.upgrade.reqd:alert]: The SP firmware 3.0.1P1 is incompatible with Data ONTAP for SwitchAPI.

  • ONTAP reports the following error messages during the boot process:
Oct 07 18:27:07 [Node-01:nvram.battery.sensor.unreadable:EMERGENCY]: The NVRAM battery state cannot be determined because the 'Bat Initial FCC' sensor is unreadable. To prevent data loss, the system will shut down in 5 minutes.
Oct 07 18:27:37 [Node-01:callhome.battery.failure:EMERGENCY]: Call home for BATTERY ('Bat Initial FCC' unreadable) CRITICAL.


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