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How do I know if OnCommand reported latency is accurate?

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Applies to

  • Clustered Data ONTAP / ONTAP
  • All OnCommand products


  • OnCommand products obtain data directly from ONTAP which is a 5 minute average
    • Any work lasting only a few seconds then going idle with high latency will not be reflected or reflected with a very slight increase
  • This is the same data you can get running qos statistics commands or statistics for the workload object

Example: Check qos statistics against the volume using command qos statistics volume latency show.

Workload            ID    Latency    Network    Cluster       Data     Disk    QoS Max    QoS Min      NVRAM  
--------------- ------ ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
-total-              -     4.71ms   185.00us     7.00us   468.00us     4.04ms        0ms        0ms    11.00us
vol1             32140    22.22ms    86.00us   125.00us   904.00us    21.11ms        0ms        0ms     1.00us
-total-              -     4.58ms   253.00us     7.00us   991.00us     3.32ms        0ms        0ms    11.00us
vol1             32140    29.69ms    90.00us   162.00us     2.61ms    26.82ms        0ms        0ms     1.00us
-total-              -     2.55ms   229.00us     8.00us   589.00us     1.71ms        0ms        0ms    13.00us
vol1             32140    18.84ms    61.00us   314.00us   136.00us    18.32ms        0ms        0ms     1.00us
-total-              -     4.33ms   198.00us     9.00us  1221.00us     2.88ms        0ms        0ms    13.00us
vol1             32140   177.16ms   113.00us   226.00us   108.03ms    68.79ms        0ms        0ms     2.00us
-total-              -     4.09ms   233.00us    12.00us  1029.00us     2.81ms        0ms        0ms    12.00us
vol1             32140    37.79ms   215.00us   158.00us     1.84ms    35.58ms        0ms        0ms     1.00us
-total-              -     3.45ms   194.00us    10.00us   780.00us     2.45ms        0ms        0ms    15.00us
vol1             32140    30.85ms    91.00us   138.00us  1169.00us    29.45ms        0ms        0ms     2.00us
-total-              -     2.21ms   210.00us     6.00us   645.00us  1340.00us        0ms        0ms    11.00us

  For comparison of historical data performance archives must be reviewed by a technical support engineer


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