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AFF/FAS80x0 - Chassis fan failure alerts reported even after fan replacement

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Applies to

  • FAS/AFF 80x0
  • AFF A800
  • Data ONTAP 8
  • ONTAP 9
  • SysFan or IOFan Failed


  • Multiple system fans failed.
  • Node Environmental Shutdown
  • EMS.log shows:

[node-n1: env_mgr:]: Call home for CHASSIS FAN FRU FAILED: SysFan3 F2
[node-n1: env_mgr: monitor.chassisFan.stop:error]: Chassis fan contains at least one stopped fan: SysFan3 F2 (failed)
[node-n1: env_mgr: monitor.chassisFanFail.xMinShutdown:EMERGENCY]: Multiple Chassis Fan failure: System will shut down in 2 minutes.
[node-n1:monitor.globalStatus.critical:EMERGENCY]: Multiple fans has failed: Sysfan3 F2, Sysfan3 F1.

[node-n1:monitor.shutdown.emergency:EMERGENCY]: Emergency shutdown: Environmental Reason Shutdown (Multiple fans failed)

  • This platform has 3 SysFans for each controller (6 in total)
    • If there is an IOXM installed, there will be 3 SysFans and 3 IOFans
    • SysFans are in front of the contoller
    • IOFans are in front of the IOXM
  • After swapping the SysFan with the error with a known working SysFan from another bay, the issue remains on the same bay.
  • If the issue is just with one SysFan, the other node should be up and running all the time. Do not use the partner node SysFans for testing.
  • Messages like the following can be found at SYSCONFIG -M :
!FAN3: Error reading FRU EEPROM
  • In the SP events :
Aug 12 00:02:08 (none) seld[550]:   FPGA event 21 : Fan Reset 3 asserted
Aug 12 00:02:09 (none) seld[550]:   FPGA event 21 : Fan Reset 3 de-asserted
Aug 12 00:02:15 (none) : [353 INFO]FanDaemon: Fan module 3 was reset (waiting some time before accessing)
Aug 12 00:02:20 (none) : [353 INFO]FanDaemon: Fan module 3 reset should be complete (will attempt access next cycle)
Aug 12 00:02:26 (none) : [353 WARNING][Porting/platform/PDKFan.c:1661]FanDaemon: Failure to read FanModuleData from fan module 3
Aug 12 00:02:26 (none) : [353 WARNING][Porting/platform/PDKFan.c:1676]FanDaemon: Reset Fan Module 3
Aug 12 00:02:26 (none) : [353 INFO]Fan Module 3 Reset
  • Errors remain on the same SysFan bay after swapping with a known good fan.


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