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MDV_CRS Volume created by SVM_DR is highly utilized with snapmirror transfer error

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Metadata Volume with Configuration Replication Service (MDV_CRS)


  • SnapMirror update fails with the following error


Last Transfer Error: Failed to apply the source Vserver configuration. Reason: Apply failed for Object: ndmpRestartableBackup_rdb_ui Method: baseline.
Reason: Context is busy or it is already in cleanup.
Execute "snapmirror show -destination-vserver SVM-fs-dr -fields last-transfer-error,unhealthy-reason -expand" to check if the constituent volumes have encountered errors.

  • The volume used size keeps increasing as long as this error exists


=-=-=-=-=-=Sun Apr 16 2017, 00:16:16 CEST   DF 2 lines

/vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/    9961472     101712    9859760       1% /vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/    

=-=-=-=-=-=Sun Aug 13 2017, 00:07:23 CEST   DF 2 lines

/vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/    9961472    6981720    2979752      70% /vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/

 =-=-=-=-=-=Sun Aug 27 2017, 00:27:29 CEST   DF 2 lines

/vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/    9961472    8804580    1156892      88% /vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/

 =-=-=-=-=-=Sun Sep 03 2017, 00:27:47 CEST   DF 2 lines

/vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/    9961472    8917516    1043956      90% /vol/MDV_CRS_3339eaa4b2e311e4bf7900a0987xxxx_A/ 





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