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7mode SM reports error message: Cannot connect to source storage system

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Applies to

Product Model: FAS3210-R5
OS: Data ONTAP 8.2.1 7-Mode
Category 2: SnapMirror

This article applies to any SnapMirror case that reports the following error message:
cannot connect to source storage system


All known causes of this error involve either name resolution or networking misconfiguration, specifically routing, or firewalls.

Name Resolution:

  1. Run traceroute commands to perform a test name resolution with the storage system ping. Even if the path is blocked, the name resolution will work.
  2. When testing name resolution, ensure the name is entered exactly as in the SnapMirror/SnapVault command.
  3. Check for the capitalization, spelling, and FQDN.
  4. Run the getXXbyYY gethostbyname_r <hostname> command to check the DNS entry.
  5. To ensure hostname authentication is correct add an entry into /etc/hosts on both sides.
  6. If the ping resolves as expected but traceroute does not, verify there is a blank line at the end of /etc/hosts.


Additional Information

  • You can also go into the 7-mode filer and go to options snapmirror.access and confirm that access is set to all or *
    • ::> options snapmirror.access all


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