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What are the best practices for upgrading E-Series Controller Firmware 07.xx, and 08.xx?

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Applies to

  • NetApp E-Series
  • E-Series firmware releases: 7.xx and 8.xx
  • NetApp StorageGRID appliances (see Before upgrading firmware section)


Why upgrade?
  • New Features and Enhancements.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Continued Supportability.
    • Support for firmware versions is subject to end as newer firmware versions are released. To ensure that support can be provided, it is always recommended to be on the latest available firmware versions for all hardware platforms, controllers, ESMs (IOMs), and drives.
Before upgrading firmware:
  • For StorageGRID Appliances:
    • Review StorageGRID product documentation page for the upgrade procedure. Upgrading E-Series firmware in StorageGRID appliances requires steps on the StorageGRID compute node/controller.
    • Review StorageGRID Appliance page in the interoperability matrix tool (link) for the latest supported E-Series firmware within StorageGRID appliances. 
  • Before upgrading, obtain the latest information on Firmware:
    • Release Notes.
    • Compatibility Matrix.
  • Before upgrading, address any outstanding technical issues, errors, or alerts being reported on the storage array.
CAUTION: Upgrades should NOT be performed on non-optimal storage arrays unless directed by NetApp Support. Upgrading non-optimal storage arrays could potentially result in outages, corruption, or even data loss. NetApp Support should be engaged to restore the storage array to optimal and/or confirm there are no risks for upgrading in a non-optimal state.
Upgrade order:
  • SANtricity Unified Manager.
  • Multi-path/Failover driver
  • HBA (Host Bus Adapter) driver
  • NVSRAM (Non-Volatile Static Random Access Memory) & E-Series Controller Firmware
  • ESM (IOM) (Environment Services Module (Input/Output Module)) Firmware
  • E-Series Drive Firmware
    Note: Always read the release notes to see if there are any dependencies for the order for the upgrade, as it might change with a particular release.


E-Series SANtricity OS Latest Compatible Release per Platform:

For list of currently supported platforms and releases, please visit the Software Version Support page.

Platform Latest Compatible Release
E26xx, E54xx and EF540
E55xx and EF550
E27xx, E56xx and EF560
E28xx, E57xx, EF570, EF300 and EF600 11.80GA


E-Series Controller Firmware Upgrade Path:

Note: It is not required but it is recommended to perform a staggered reboot of the controllers (reboot one at a time) before performing an E-Series controller firmware upgrade. This step refreshes all device discoveries and system component states as well as testing failover in preparation of the upgrade itself.

To upgrade to 08.40 (11.40) from 08.30 (11.30) or earlier:
Platform: E27xx Upgrade from 08.10 or later releases directly to 8.40. 08.40 is the final code release for this platform.
Platforms: E56xx and EF560 Upgrade from 08.25 or 08.30 directly to 08.40. (08.40 is the final code release for this platform)
Platforms: E28xx and EF280 Upgrade from 08.30 (11.30) directly to 08.40 (11.40).
Platforms: E57xx and EF570 08.40 (11.40) is the first release for this platform.


To upgrade from and to the following releases: 8.30 (11.30, 8.40 (11.40), 08.50 (11.50), 8.60 (11.60) or 8.70 (11.70) from 8.30 onward:
Platforms: E28xx and EF280

Upgrade directly to the latest desired release.

(i.e upgrade directly from 8.40 to 8.70)

Platforms: E57xx and EF570

Upgrade directly to the latest desired release.

(i.e upgrade directly from 8.50 to 8.70)

Platform: EF300 Upgrade directly to the latest release. 8.70 is the first release for this platform.
Platform: EF600 Upgrade directly to the latest release. 8.60 is the first release for this platform.


To upgrade to 8.80 (11.80) - ONLY Possible from 11.70.5
All Support Platforms Upgrade to 11.80 release is ONLY possible if the system is running 11.70.5 release.

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