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Can you specify an initiator group to be used during the automated SnapCenter cloning

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Applies to

  • SnapCenter Plugin for Windows (SCW)
  • SnapCenter Plugin for SQL (SCSQL)
  • SnapCenter Plugin for Exchange (SCE)


  • No, SnapCenter clone jobs currently map the LUN for the clone volume to an iGroup containing the VMware ESX host initiator that owns the virtual machine
  • A Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) has already been submitted to the SnapCenter Engineering team to add a way in SnapCenter to specify an initiator group to be used to map the LUN in the clone volume during the automated cloning process
  • This is currently a product limitation that would prevent being able to use VMware vMotion to migrate clone disks to another ESX host

Additional Information

BUG # 1077843: RFE: SnapCenter should allow a specific initiator group to be chosen in an automatic job
BUG # 1379358: While creating clone for SQL via SnapCenter provide user an option to select igroup
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