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Is there an equivalent to volume latency in Unified Manager by using ONTAP CLI or SNMP?

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager
  • OnCommand Unified Manager
  • ONTAP 9


  • Unified Manager captures performance data every 5 minutes by retrieving ccma files that are generated on each node of a cluster
  • This is not real-time but based on one minute samples captured on the cluster.
  • Navigate in Unified Manager to a particular volume and see the latency, iops, and throughput.
  • Switch to the breakdown charts to get further details such as read,write,other.


Active IQ Unified Manager

  • The closest equivalent via cli will be 'qos statistics volume performance show'
Cluster::> qos statistics volume performance show
Workload            ID     IOPS       Throughput    Latency
--------------- ------ -------- ---------------- ----------
-total-              -       54         3.38MB/s  1232.36ms
vol1-wid13990    13990       54         3.38MB/s  1232.36ms
-total-              -       54         3.38MB/s  1095.44ms
vol1-wid13990    13990       54         3.38MB/s  1095.44ms
-total-              -       54         3.38MB/s  1210.90ms
vol1-wid13990    13990       54         3.38MB/s  1210.90ms
-total-              -       54         3.38MB/s   887.71ms
vol1-wid13990    13990       54         3.38MB/s   887.71ms

Note: This may not match numbers seen in Unified Manager based on when the information is captured

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