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How to prevent Unified Manager from reporting "Port Status Down" event for unconnected/unused network ports

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Applies to

  • Active IQ Unified Manager (AIQUM)
  • OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM)


  • When Active IQ Unified Manager detects a network port of which link status is down, it reports Port Status Down event for the node like the following example

How to prevent Unified Manager from reporting

  • Unified Manager will not report Port Status Down events for ports when the link status is down
  • This article explains how to prevent Unified Manager from reporting Port Status Down event for network ports that are intentionally disconnected/unused by disabling the port in ONTAP


  1. Enable advanced mode on ONTAP CLI

set advanced

  1. Confirm the current "up-admin" property for the port

network port show -node -port -fields link, up-admin

Example: Cluster::*> network port show -node Node-01 -port e0b -fields link, up-admin

node port link up-admin

-------- ---- ---- --------

Node-01 e0b down true

  1. Change "up-admin" to false for the port.

network port modify -node -port -up-admin false

  1. Confirm the port is administratively disabled.

network port show -node -port -fields link, up-admin

  1. To use/connect the port in the future, it can be re-enabled by setting -up-admin true

network port modify -node -port -up-admin true


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