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FabricPool object store becomes unavailable because StorageGRID returns HTTP 503

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Applies to

  • StorageGRID
  • ONTAP 9
  • StorageGRID object store is configured as a cloud tier for FabricPool


  • storage aggregate object-store show command indicates that objeject sotre is unavailable due to Service unavailable

::> storage aggregate object-store show -instance

                                   Aggregate Name: <AGGREGATE>
          ONTAP Name for this Object Store Config: <OBJECT_STORE_NAME>
                                  UUID of the Bin: <UUID>
                                       Bin Number: <NUMBER>
                 Availability of the Object Store: unavailable
           Reason why Object Store is Unavailable: Service unavailable

  • bycast.log of storage node shows StorageGRID returns HTTP response 503/Service Unavailable to HEAD request from ONTAP

NOTICE   1017 HFCS: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP>:41438 (---------): Accepted HTTPS session, starting handshake
NOTICE   1032 HFCS: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP>:41438 (---------): Completed HTTPS handshake, starting HTSM
NOTICE   1122 HFCS: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP>:41438 (---------): Started HTSM process {2748379911@12451996}!
NOTICE   1125 HFCS: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP>:41438 (---------): Starting async operations
WARNING  0863 HTSM: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP> HEAD /<ONTAP_CLUSTER>/ (child: -/-, -K-----): X-Forwarded-For: '<IP>', Sending HTTP response 503/Service Unavailable - <none>
NOTICE   0595 HTSM: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP> HEAD /<ONTAP_CLUSTER>/ (child: -/-, -KF--pP): Shutting down (from {2748379911@12451996})
NOTICE   0638 HTSM: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP> HEAD /<ONTAP_CLUSTER>/ (child: -/-, --FS-pP): Delaying shutdown - still processing data from network
NOTICE   0638 HTSM: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP> HEAD /<ONTAP_CLUSTER>/ (child: -/-, --FSCp-): Delaying shutdown - still processing data from network
NOTICE   1293 HFCS: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP>:41438 (R--------): write closing: end of stream
NOTICE   1401 HFCS: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP>:41438 (----CC---): Closing: read: stream truncated
NOTICE   0706 HTSM: Connection 1642485000071011/<STORAGEGRID_IP> HEAD /<ONTAP_CLUSTER>/ (child: -/-, --FSC--): Network read error: end of stream
NOTICE   0189 HTSM: Connection 1642485000071011: Session destroyed: ERRC

  • Active IQ Unified Manager detects External Capacity Tier Unreachable event


  • No network errors between ONTAP and StorageGRID
  • All services are up and running in StorageGRID

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