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Client application reports intermittent ingest issue with StorageGRID or higher

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Applies to

  • NetApp StorageGRID or higher
  • Bucket consistency set to Available


  • After applying hotfix or higher, StorageGRID might report a sharp increase in both 404 HTTP errors and 503 HTTP errors, which can cause intermittent ingest failures in Client application.
  • Example: FabricPool performs a GET immediately after a PUT in its ingest workflow. The following error in the bycast.log corresponds to each 503 error.  

Oct 21 14:34:04 dc1h1 ADE: |12597648 2463375992 S3RQ %CEA 2021-10-21T14:34:04.044625| NOTICE   1354 401c06c1dfbc708d S3RQ: EVENT_PROCESS_CREATE - connection=1634825219859407 method=GET bytes=0-31 name=</dc1/ab41a77f-7e7f-4e48-b917-effc3f7c1338/06137e93_0000000000c9afe7_ab41a77f-7e7f-4e48-b917-effc3f7c1338> auth=<V4> clientIP=<>

Oct 21 14:34:04 dc1h1 ADE: |12597648 2463375996 OBDR CSRT 2021-10-21T14:34:04.065348| NOTICE   0419 401c06c1dfbc708d OBDR: Metadata request failed for unknown 'dc1/ab41a77f-7e7f-4e48-b917-effc3f7c1338/06137e93_0000000000c9afe7_ab41a77f-7e7f-4e48-b917-effc3f7c1338', object temporarily unavailable as it may have been modified

Oct 21 14:34:04 dc1h1 ADE: |12597648 2463375992 S3RQ %DED 2021-10-21T14:34:04.065541| NOTICE   0090 401c06c1dfbc708d S3RQ: S3 error response: RequestId=1634825219859407, TraceId=401c06c1dfbc708d, Resource=/dc1/ab41a77f-7e7f-4e48-b917-effc3f7c1338/06137e93_0000000000c9afe7_ab41a77f-7e7f-4e48-b917-effc3f7c1338, HTTP Status Code=503, X-Forwarded-For:, ErrorMsg=ServiceUnavailable, ErrorType=Client, CustomErrorMessage={<none>}, Details={<none> 



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