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StorageGRID node run into Unknown status and remain after the controller replacement

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Applies to

  • StorageGRID 11.60.2
  • StorageGRID Appliance SG5712


  • Storage node run into Unknown status
  • 7-segment display on E5700SG shows HO and E2800A shows 99
  • Unable to access to StorageGRID Appliance Installer (https://<APPLIANCE_IP>:8443)
  • Reseating or rebooting controller does not resolve the issue
  • Replacing the following parts does not resolve the issue, or the issue reproduces soon after it is temporary resolved
    • E5700SG compute controller
    • E2800A storage controller
    • SFPs on E5700SG and E2800A
    • FC cable used for interconnect between E5700SG and E2800A
  • Following errors might be seen in some cases:
    • qla2x00_sp_timeout in storagegrid_crash_dmesg.<TIMESTAMP>.log
      [108059.672106] Hardware name: Default string Default string/Default string, BIOS 1.04.0 08/08/2018
      [108059.680861] RIP: 0010:qla2x00_sp_timeout 0x4c/0x80 [qla2xxx]
    • SG-UPDATE-ERROR: Samoa HIC verify failed! in /var/log/messages
      StorageGRID-PGE root: [2023-06-14 01:28:19+00:00 SGA] About to check Samoa HIC version and update if necessary
      StorageGRID-PGE root: [2023-06-14 01:28:19+00:00 SGA] Samoa Verify chip 0; filespec /lib/firmware/netapp/Samoa_Sandhawk.bin
      StorageGRID-PGE kernel: [   29.187625] EP8324-HILDA-0 can not find function handle
      StorageGRID-PGE root: [2023-06-14 01:28:19+00:00 SGA] Samoa file version:; personality FC
      StorageGRID-PGE root: [2023-06-14 01:28:19+00:00 SGA] Samoa file mac label/base: fffffffffffffffd nic macs {ffffffffffffffff; ffffffffffffffff}
      StorageGRID-PGE root: [2023-06-14 01:28:19+00:00 SGA] spi_read_uint32: Fail...
      StorageGRID-PGE root: [2023-06-14 01:28:19+00:00 SGA] 
      StorageGRID-PGE root: [2023-06-14 01:28:19+00:00 SGA] SG-UPDATE-ERROR: Samoa HIC verify failed!

Note: These messages do not always indicate this problem directly


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