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Which interface does StorageGRID uses for transfer messages to external syslog server

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Applies to

  • StorageGRID 11.6+
  • External Syslog Server


  • StorageGRID performs ARP requests to the syslog server over all the 3 networks (grid,admin and client).
  • The syslog server must be on a directly attached subnet (subnet used by the listed nodes for their Grid, Admin, or Client IP addresses)
  • The StorageGRID identifies the network subnet based on the ARP request's response from the syslog server and utilizes that subnet / network for forwarding further logs to external syslog server.
  • Recommendation is to use the admin network subnet to forward logs to external syslog servers. Ensure to open admin IP firewall connections from all the StorageGRID nodes including admin, gateway and storage nodes to external syslog server.

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