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StorageGRID SSM service is in error state due to /tmp partition was full

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Applies to

StorageGRID 11.x


Alert : 

Unable to communicate with node

One or more services are unresponsive, or the node cannot be reached.

34 minutes ago	10 minutes ago		
Unresponsive services 	ssm
Operating System Kernel        4.19.0               Verified
Operating System Environment   Debian 10.11         Verified
StorageGRID Release               Verified
Storage Subsystem                                   Verified
Database Engine                package MySQL        Running
Network Monitoring             11.6.0               Running
Time Synchronization           1:4.2.8p12+dfsg      Running
ams                            11.6.0               Running
cmn                               Running
nms                            11.6.0               Running
ssm                            11.6.0               Error
mi                             11.6.0               Running
dynip                             Running
miscd                             Running
nginx                          1.14.2               Running
tomcat                         9.0.31               Running
grafana                        7.5.7                Running
mgmt api                          Running
nginx gw                          Running
gdu server                        Running
prometheus                        Running
acct tunnel                       Running
persistence                    11.6.0               Running
alertmanager                   11.6.0               Running
jaeger agent                   11.6.0               Running
attrDownPurge                  11.6.0               Running
attrDownSamp1                  11.6.0               Running
node exporter                  1.1.2+ds             Running
sg snmp agent                  11.6.0               Running
jaeger collector               11.6.0               Running
lambda arbitrator              11.6.0               Running
update snmp firewall           11.6.0               Running

root@xxxx:~ # df -h /tmp
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
tmpfs           512M  512M  0M   100% /tmp
root@xxxx:~ #


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