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Is the SCV backup created before changing vCenter server to administer ESXi still valid even after the change?

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Applies to

  • SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere (SCV)
  • NetApp Data Broker (NDB)


No, the old backup is not guaranteed to restore when configuring SCV so that it can connect to a new vCenter server.

  • Even if the new vCenter server is administrating the same ESXi host that the old vCenter server was administrating, MoRef IDs in the repository of the new vCenter have changed and are not equivalent to the old configuration. 
  • This operation causes inconsistencies between the MoRef IDs of the new vCenter and metadata that the SCV repository has in its repository. Consequently, SCV fails to refer to managed objects in the vCenter by MoRef IDs that the SCV has.
  • SCV doesn't expect any operation that changes MoRef IDs on vCenter server side.

Additional Information

  • When trying to attach a virtual disk from an old backup after changing a vCenter server, the operation may fail with the following issues.
    • vCenter task "NetApp Attach VMDK" gets stuck at 50% and the clone is not mounted
    • vmcontrol_jetty_server.log shows errors like the following example:

2020-12-23T05:12:59.0000549+09:00 INFO  SCV root 2020-12-23 17:11:55.238  INFO --- [tp130075422-398] o.s.r.s.RemoteInvocationTraceInterceptor : Processing of HttpInvokerServiceExporter remote call resulted in exception: com.netapp.nvpf.api.model.BackupRecoveryApiService.hasPrivilegeOnEntities
2020-12-23T05:12:59.0000549+09:00 INFO  SCV root com.netapp.nvpf.api.model.PrivilegeException: Did not find any of the datastores or virtual machines to backup: [Datastore:datastore-1465]
2020-12-23T05:12:22.0000186+09:00 INFO  SCV root Exception in thread "Thread-22" java.lang.RuntimeException: com.vmware.vijava.vim25.ManagedObjectNotFound


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