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OnCommand Insight - DataWarehouse connector issue ETL is timing out

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Insight 7.3.8 (OCI) 
  • OnCommand Insight DataWareHouse 7.3.8 (DWH)
  • Both Linux and Windows installation


  • The DWH connector to the OCI server is failing.
  • The bellow is shown in the connector's page in DWH.

43606 Inventory: connector 'Connector_name', '18-Jun-2020 00:00' FAILED 18/06/20 05:01 18/06/20 11:28
43582 Inventory: connector 'Connector_name', '17-Jun-2020 00:00' FAILED 17/06/20 06:34 17/06/20 06:45
43570 Inventory: connector 'Connector_name', '16-Jun-2020 17:35' FAILED 16/06/20 17:35 16/06/20 23:49

  • Multiple erros can be found in dwh.log like those below:
    • 2020-06-23 11:19:15,690 ERROR [Thread-694 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads)] JobDispatcherBean ( - InventoryJob{name='Inventory: connector 'Connector_Name', '23-Jun-2020 00:00'', id=43727, connectorId=9, targetTime=1592866800057, current=true} failed
      com.netapp.sanscreen.dwh.applications.inventory.InventoryException: Failed running inventory job
      Caused by: com.netapp.sanscreen.dwh.applications.inventory.InventoryException: Failed to execute SQL script com/netapp/sanscreen/dwh/inventory/processors/performance/performance_summary.load.sql
      Caused by: com.netapp.sanscreen.dwh.util.SqlShellException: Failed to execute: INSERT IGNORE INTO dwh_inventory_transient.volume_performance SELECT AS volumeId, cl.global_id AS storageId, i.sampleTime, i.readResponseTime, i.writeResponseTime, i.totalResponseTime, i.totalResponseTimeMax, i.readThroughput, i.writeThroughput, i.totalThroughput, i.totalThroughputMax, i.readIops, i.writeIops, i.totalIops, i.totalIopsMax, i.readCacheHitRatio, i.writeCacheHitRatio, i.totalCacheHitRatio, i.totalCacheHitRatioMax, i.writePending, i.readIoDensity, i.writeIoDensity, i.totalIoDensity, i.totalIoDensityMax, i.accessed FROM dwh_inventory_staging.tmp_volume_performance i JOIN dwh_inventory_staging.chassis_local cl ON cl.connector_id = 9 AND cl.local_id = i.storageId AND cl.type = 'storage' JOIN dwh_inventory.volume pt ON pt.storageId = cl.global_id AND =
      Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: IJ031012: Unable to obtain lock in 60 seconds: org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.local.LocalManagedConnection@7be69125
    • 2020-06-12 11:09:19,253 ERROR [Thread-186 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads)] SqlShell ( - <OCI_host> Failed to close JDBC connection
      com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Communications link failure during rollback(). Transaction resolution unknown.
    • 2020-06-18 11:28:08,505 ERROR [Thread-450 (ActiveMQ-client-global-threads)] JobDispatcherBean ( - InventoryJob{name='Inventory: connector 'Connector_Name', '18-Jun-2020 00:00'', id=43606, connectorId=9, targetTime=1592434800062, current=true} failed
      com.netapp.sanscreen.dwh.applications.inventory.InventoryException: Failed running inventory job



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