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What disks are in use with the Active IQ Unified Manager Virtual Appliance

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Applies to

  • OnCommand Unified Manager 7.x, 9.x (UM)
  • Active IQ Unified Manager 9.x (UM)


By default, the UM Virtual Appliance (vApp) has 4 virtual drives

  • Disk 1: Rootfs (By default 60GB)
  • Disk 2: Swap (By default 12GB)
  • Disk 3: Data (By default 50GB)
  • Disk 4: Jail drive (By default 30GB)

Disk 1 contains the root filesystem which is the top-level directory of the filesystem in which other filesystems mount to. It also contains the files necessary to boot the Debian Linux kernel as well as UM log files 

Disk 2 is the space used for virtual memory extension

Disk 3 primarily contains the database and the UM database backup files

Disk 4 is primarily used to store Support Bundles

Additional Information

  • You can only extend the swap drive (Disk 2) and the data drive (Disk 3). If you plan to use the Unified Manager backup and restore feature, allocate additional capacity so that the data directory or disk has 150 GB of space


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