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What are the uses of "Disk Owner" and "Data Owner" displayed by the "storage disk show" command?

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  • Disk Owner
    • Failover and Failback:

Storage systems typically have multiple controllers configured in either an active-active or active-passive setup to provide high availability. The disk owner is used in failover processes, where if one controller goes down, it addresses the failure by allowing the other controller to take ownership of the disks and continue service. During failback, the ownership of the disks is reverted to the original controller once it has recovered.

  • Load Balancing:

In storage systems, changing the disk owner can help distribute I/O load evenly across controllers. This optimizes overall performance and prevents bottlenecks.

  • Maintenance:

During system maintenance, if a controller needs to be shut down, transferring the ownership of the disks it owns to another controller maintains data access throughout the maintenance period.


  • Data Owner (Partition Owner)


  • Data Management:

Disks within a storage system are often partitioned, and different datasets may be stored within each partition. The partition owner is responsible for managing and performing I/O operations on the data within a specific partition. This is used to optimize access and performance for specific datasets.

  • Storage Efficiency:

Utilizing the partition owner can optimize data placement and access patterns, thereby enhancing storage efficiency. For example, frequently accessed data can be concentrated in certain partitions to improve performance.

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