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We value your KB Feedback

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NetApp Knowledge Base is the one-stop self-service portal for NetApp Support information on all our Products and Services. Here, you can find solutions, answers and procedures written by our technical experts to help resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

At NetApp, we follow the Collective Ownership model for our Knowledge Base, and strongly believe that the best people to provide feedback to help us improve the KB site are the audience that use our content. Hence, we value every KB feedback and use our customers' feedback and experience to continually improve the KB site.

The NetApp Knowledge Base Team works with the Knowledge Domain Experts to:

  • Review customer feedback/requests/suggestions
  • Address customers' concerns
  • Update KB content and
  • Evolve the Knowledge Base.

We have a robust Feedback Management workflow, wherein customer feedback is captured and tracked in a dashboard and addressed on priority.

On an average, we close 80% of customer feedback within 48 hours of receiving them and respond to the customers.

The Knowledge Base Team wants to hear from you

How to submit feedback from Knowledge Base site

For KB article

Use the Feedback widget, available at the bottom-left of an article:

  • To rate an article
  • To comment on an article
  • To let us know if an article needs updates/corrections, or
  • If you have any questions on the article content

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How to submit feedback KB feedback from NetApp Support site

When viewing articles on the NetApp Support Site, you can provide KB feedback by using the Submit Feedback button on the top of the article.

Feedback from Support Site


For KB site

  1. Click on Help & Feedback widget clipboard_e631398d4462bfc00205f0b3275371741.png, available at the bottom-right corner of all Knowledge Base pages.
  2. Under Help & Feedback, click on Feedback>Provide KB Site Feedback

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  1. Use the form to provide feedback about your experience with the KB site.

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NetApp provides no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or reliability or serviceability of any information or recommendations provided in this publication or with respect to any results that may be obtained by the use of the information or observance of any recommendations provided herein. The information in this document is distributed AS IS and the use of this information or the implementation of any recommendations or techniques herein is a customer's responsibility and depends on the customer's ability to evaluate and integrate them into the customer's operational environment. This document and the information contained herein may be used solely in connection with the NetApp products discussed in this document.