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Register your Cloud Volumes ONTAP "Hourly" PayGo instance to activate support

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Applies to

  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP
  • OnCommand Cloud Manager (OCCM)


  • This article provides guidelines for registering your Cloud Volumes ONTAP Hourly (Pay-as-you-go) serial number to activate Support.
    • Each Hourly Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance generates a NetApp serial number upon creation of the Working Environment (WE).
    • The serial number for Hourly Cloud Volumes ONTAP starts with a '902' prefix.
  • Customers are strongly recommended to register their Cloud Volumes ONTAP Hourly serial number shortly after WE creation completes for that instance.
    • Registration does not affect the usage of the product. Registration is purely to activate NetApp Support entitlement.
    • Support services like software download, web case, and phone support can be impacted if support entitlement is not activated appropriately.
  • NetApp provides two methods to register the Cloud Volumes ONTAP serial number:
  • Note:
    • Serial number registration using both methods above only apply to Hourly (PayGo) Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances.
    • Product registration for BYOL instances is activated as part of the NetApp sales order process.


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