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What are the list of endpoints required for data to be sent from Azure connectors to services ?

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Applies to

  • Azure Connector
  • Blue XP


When a connector is deployed in Azure, it uses API endpoints in the BlueXP SaaS to orchestrate various tasks. These communication endpoints serve specific functions and can lead to loss of functionality if the endpoints are unreachable. Below is a consolidated list of endpoints contacted for connector day-to-day orchestration , data sent to these endpoints and a description of how the functionality is affected if the endpoint is unreachable. This list does not include endpoints contacted by different data services like CVO, CBS, etc. for their feature orchestration. 


Endpoints contacted 

Data sent to endpoints 

What functionality is affected if data is blocked to the endpoint 

Message Poller 

Polling for messages that need to be sent to data services created by customer. 

Messages to any data services will not be delivered from SaaS -UI and SaaS backend 

Message Poller 

Posting end point, messaged delivered from data services back to SaaS backend and SaaS UI 

Messages from data services at connector will not be delivered back to SaaS -UI and SaaS backend 


Connector details and registering with Agent Management Service 

The connector deployed will not be registered with Agent-management Service (SaaS-Backend) and hence will not receive auth details (client id and client secret) 


Service manager checks for container list that needs to be pulled and  checks if any existing container needs upgrade with gradual 

Will block upgrades of containers and pulling containers 


Service manager gets images from docker repocitory. 

No images will be retrieved. No containers will be created 


Service-Manager2 call to AWS (api gateway + cloudfront + S3)

This is to get the latest version from gradual to see if  there is an upgrade for Service manager 2 


Call to Tenancy to check if account is Restricted 

Account details will not get retrieved 



Azure resource manager 

deployment and management service for Azure will be blocked 


Azure active directory login 

No images will be downloaded 


License SAAS service 

obtain licensing information and to send AutoSupport messages to NetApp support. 


Blob Storage of Azure 

Images are hosted in the blob storage. 


Sending container logs to Elastic stack 

Will block logs being sent to Elastic


Sending audit logs to audit service in SaaS-backend 

There will be no audit logs stored for the customer and there will be no timeline data in the SaaS UI 


Sends Autosupport logs to NetApp ASUP 

There will be no Asup logs sent to NetApp from customer environment 

Additional Information

Set up connector networking : 


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