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How to transition from NetApp Cloud Connection to AU based data collector

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  • Cloud Insights (CI)
  • Acquisition Unit (AU)


  • Cloud Connection Collector was expected to be the collector of choice for all CVOs, and as it is based on RESTful APIs, the collector of the future for any ONTAP system once ZAPI is deprecated by ONTAP. However after additional research we have identified an issue migrating from other ONTAP collectors to Cloud Connection.
  • Cloud Connector is being deprecated due to potential data history loss that can occur when converting a device from a previously existing AU-Based data collector.
  • Additionally, customers running on the current Cloud Connector may experience collection issues requiring more complex resolution.  
  • We have chosen instead to invest in updating the existing AU-based data collector, which will enable a simple customer transition from ZAPI (also being deprecated) to REST while keeping history and without the need for complex problem resolution found in some Cloud Connector cases.
  • Therefore it is strongly recommended for customers move from the current Cloud Connector to AU-Based collector as soon as possible, following the steps laid out in this KB article.
  • It is strongly discouraged to have both types of data collectors running at the same time (on the same device), this will result in data integrity issues.
  • The data collector(s) you will remove will be the NetApp Cloud Connection for ONTAP 9.9+ and the data collector you will replace it with is an ONTAP data collector as appropriate for the device (ONTAP Data Management Software, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, ONTAP Select).

Cloud Connection Data Collector Document

NetApp Cloud Connection for ONTAP 9.9+ data collector



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