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What are the requirements for remedial ONTAP upgrade assistance?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Data ONTAP 8.2 7-Mode


Multiple NetApp Support Services types include remedial upgrades.  This article covers ONTAP upgrades, while those same contracts might include other software products as well.

To qualify for remedial ONTAP upgrades the following set of criteria must be met.

1. A serial number covered by one of the following contracts:

SupportEdge Expert

SupportEdge Advisor

SupportEdge Premium

SupportEdge Secure for Government: Onsite

2. Have a technical support case against a serial number from item #1 where a technical symptom was diagnosed and the resolution involves a fix in an updated ONTAP release.

3. Currently on a version of ONTAP that has not yet reached End of Limited Support.

4. If the fix is included in a service update for the same feature version the ONTAP cluster is using, the remedial upgrade will be to the recommended release of the same feature version.  Otherwise the upgrade will be to the recommended release of the next feature version containing the fix.

5. The remedial upgrade will take place via a remote session and will require the storage administrator to be engaged with the preparation and implementation of the upgrade.

6. The remedial upgrade applies only to the ONTAP cluster or 7-mode HA pair impacted in the technical case.  Any other ONTAP or other vendor systems upgrades (regardless of their connection to the impacted system or original symptom), will require Professional Service engagement.

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