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Questions for qualified CISCO cluster and management network switches

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CISCO cluster network switches and management network switches purchased from NetApp.


  • Who owns the switches?

The customer owns the switches.

  • Who owns the Cisco SmartNet Contract?

The customer will own the SmartNet contract.

  • Who monitors the switches; is there any reason for the customer to do any monitoring?

The customer will be responsible for monitoring the switches. However, most problems will impact the filer and will be picked up by the usual NetApp monitoring and alerting processes.

  • Who has the passwords for them?

The customer will be responsible for establishing the passwords for the switches (along with the cluster nodes).

  • Who calls Cisco and raises the TAC case when there is a Cisco issue?

If the problem is believed to be a switch issue then the customer should contact Cisco directly. However, if the issue is uncertain the customer should contact NetApp Support to triage. If subsequent determination points to Cisco, NetApp will assist the customer with their engagement with Cisco.

  • Who arranges access for engineers for hardware replacement or other on-site support?

The customer will need to arrange physical access to the switches.

  • Who does hardware swap out/in for broken switches (Cisco Smartnet does not cover any on-site support)?

Cisco offers on-site support with 4-hour response and it is expected that the customer will purchase this level of support.

  • Who puts the config onto the switches at first install?

PS would install the firmware and 'golden config' when deploying the cluster. NetApp will allow customer installs (the firmware and 'golden config' would be downloaded from the NSS site).

  • Who reloads the config file onto RMA’ed units when the replacement switch is put in?

The customer is responsible for ensuring the appropriate RCF file is downloaded. The customer could opt to download the config themselves, with instructions from the NSS site, or request either Cisco’s onsite personnel or NetApp’s support assistance.

  • Who sorts out the patching of NetApp kit into the switches, and handles suspected cabling faults on an ongoing basis?

NetApp PS will be responsible for the cabling during the initial install. Troubleshooting on-site would be performed by Cisco's dispatch resources (assuming the correct levels of support have been purchased).

  • Who looks after turning these off and bringing them back up for datacenter power downs?

The customer would be responsible for this type of maintenance activity.

  • Who loads new code if a software upgrade is required to resolve a fault?

New code would be loaded by a Cisco onsite engineer assuming the correct levels of support have been purchased.

  • What NX-OS and RCF versions should be used on these qualify Cisco switches?

The Cluster Network and Management Network Compatibility Matrix is available at NetApp Software download.

  • Where can I find additional documentation on cluster management switches?

Refer to this information available at Product Documentation Library.

Note: The responses above assume the customer has purchased a SupportEdge Premium contract from NetApp and an on-site SmartNet Contract from Cisco.