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How to create Temporary View within Cloud hosted Excel Spreadsheets.

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Applies to

  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Sharepoint hosted spreadsheets
  • Temporary views only apply spreadsheet data filtering.
    • Edits made to spreadsheet cells; still happen for all users when using Temporary views
    • Hiding columns or rows; still apply to all users when using temporary views


The intent is to describe how to use a Temporary view within a cloud hosted Excel Spreadsheets.

  • Apply column and row filters, without impacting the view of other users.
  • NetApp best practice is to avoid applying any filters, or hiding rows when viewing the Spreadsheet using the Default view


Any changes made to the Default view impacts all users


Auto prompting to enter Temporary View

Sometimes, when setting or clearing filters, the Excel Spreadsheet will automatically prompt the user:

Others are also making Changes,  Do you want to see sorting and filtering form others?

  • See just mine
    • When See just mine is selected, the user is put into Temporary view
  • See everyone's
    • When See everyone's is selected, user continues in Default view


Steps to Manually apply a Temporary view in a cloud hosted Excel spreadsheet

Tempororary views allow multiple users to be able to interact with one the spreadsheet, without applying widely varying filters or changes that can interrupt other user's work.  

  1. Click View from the tool bar at the top
  2. In the 'Sheet view' ribbon, click on New


  • the dropdown will automatically update to Temporary View



If it is a spreadsheet that you interact with on a regular basis, consider saving the view with a unique name, for future use.





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