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What if I frequently use a KB and cannot find it in the new database?
If a KB that is important to you, is not available in the new database, submit a request to add the KB to the new site. Please fill the KB Request Form and mention the reason the KB is critical for you. The team will review the request and let you know if we can reinstate the KB in the new database.

What will happen to my bookmarked KB links?
If you have bookmarked a legacy KB link, you will be redirected to the new Knowledge Base, where you can search for the KB. If the bookmarked KB is not available in the new database, and is a KB you use frequently, submit a request to add the KB to the new site by filling the KB Request Form. The team will review the request and let you know if we can reinstate the KB in the new Knowledge Base.

How do I submit feedback for an article?
If you find content in the Knowledge Base that needs to be updated or have feedback/suggestions, please submit your feedback/comments for the article.
Click on Leave feedback in the Feedback section, at the bottom of the article. The team will review your request and reply to you.

What is different in the new site?
We have redesigned the site to provide our NetApp customers with an efficient and improved Knowledge Base. To enhance the findability of articles, we have made the database lean by retaining only the most used and most relevant content. The new site has improved Site Navigation (you can navigate by products or content types), enhanced Search Capabilities (you can use the Global Search and Bounded Search), and helpful Solutions and Answers by our Technical Experts.

Will some of the old content not be available in the new site?
Yes, there is a possibility that you might not find some of the old or less-frequently used content in the database.

How did you determine what content should be in the new database?
Based on the site usage data and recommendation from our experts, we moved only the top-valued and top-rated articles into the new database.

Will I be able to see legacy KB IDs in the new database?
The architecture of the new site is different. Hence, please use the KB title and keywords to search for an article.
You can use the Global Search, which is available on the top right of all pages or navigate to a Product category and search within that category.

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