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StorageGRID 9

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StorageGRID 9


What is StorageGRID?

StorageGRID is a software delivered as virtual machine images that can be deployed in VMware environments. The physical servers must have NetApp storage attached. The StorageGRID control software can scale to many nodes across VMware servers and support massive capacities over geographically dispersed systems.

What does StorageGRID do?

It is an object-based storage solution for managing large-scale repositories of images, video, and records - around the clock and across the globe.
Eliminating the typical constraints of data containers in blocks and files, the StorageGRID application offers secure, intelligent, and scalable data storage and management in a single global namespace. It optimizes metadata management and content placement through a global policy engine with built-in security. StorageGRID software automates the lifecycle of stored content by managing how files and objects are stored, placed, protected, and retrieved.

What are the advantages of StorageGRID?

  • Enables nonstop content access, anytime, anywhere, and across the globe.
  • Eliminates physical storage boundaries and supports petabytes of data.
  • Protects content tampering with encryption and digital fingerprinting.
  • Facilitates a uniform disaster recovery, regardless of physical location.
  • Supports cloud initiatives. 

What are the specifications of a NetApp StorageGRID?

  • Storage protocols:
    • Network file system interfaces for ubiquitous access: NFSv3, CIFS SMB1
    • HTTP, HTTPS native object storage interface
  • Storage systems supported:
    • NetApp FAS 31x0, FAS 20x0, V-Series controllers
    • DS14 MK II and DS4243 SATA drives
    • Over 500 models of tape drives, robotic libraries, and autoloaders
  • Operating environment:
    • NetApp Data ONTAP® v8.0 or later
    • SLES 10 SP2 32-bit OS on qualified third-party Intel® architecture-based servers and blades
    • SLES 10 SP3 64-bit OS on qualified third-party Intel architecture-based servers and blades
    • VMware® ESX 4 64-bit virtualized environments on third-party Intel architecture-based servers and blades

How is it integrated with Siemens?

NetApp® StorageGRID® (StorageGRID) system is integrated with a Siemens MagicStore PACS or Siemens syngo.

syngo Dynamics Server is a single application entity that stores images sent to it by service class users, takes responsibility for storage of the objects, allows queries based on several standard query models, and retrieves requested images.

Picture Archive Communications Systems (PACS)- Objects can be retrieved from the PACS Application Entity (AE) used for archiving; however, additional processing time might be required for the PACS to respond with the study data.

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