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How to automatically collect log files for all StorageGRID platforms

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Applies to

  • StorageGRID 9.0 
  • StorageGRID 
  • StorageGRID Webscale 


The information in this article is covered in the StorageGRID Maintenance Guide of every release. For complete details on each release and the method of lumberjack collection, refer to the maintenance guide for the release in question. The information in this KB will provide the different methods available to obtain a lumberjack in each currently supported StorageGRID release.

Note: The lumberjack collection tool is not designed to communicate with the external NAS Bridge node if utilized within your environment. If your issues revolve around the NAS Bridge node, I recommend reviewing the How to troubleshoot StorageGRID NAS Bridge related issues

Note: NetApp Support might ask you to forward relevant sections of application log files such as bycast.log or servermanager.log. Application log files can be quite large. To speed up the data transfer, send only the relevant portion of the files in a compressed format. Log files can be retrieved automatically with the Lumberjack tool or manually. 

How to automatically gather log files and system data 

Lumberjack is a collection tool used to automatically gather and organize log files and system data on a per physical server or virtual machine basis. 

Lumberjack is configured to gather a specific set of log files within a specified time range and archive these logs to a .tar file. This tar file is saved to a directory of your choice or by default to /var/local/tmp. The following default log files are always retrieved: 

  • bycast.log
  • ha.log
  • bycast-err.log
  • servermanager.log
  • messages
  • boot.msg 

Other optional log files can be retrieved, including nms, samba and audit files. The optionally retrieved log files include:

Note: While Lumberjack’s main function is to retrieve log files, Lumberjack also gathers current configuration and system information similar to the following:

  • GridstatBackend.errlog
  • gridstat.errlog
  • raid-mon-cciss.errlog
  • raid-mon-cciss.log
  • adc.errlog
  • ams.errlog
  • arc.errlog
  • clb.errlog
  • cmn.errlog
  • fsg.errlog
  • ldr.errlog
  • ssm.errlog
  • install.log
  • updategrid.log
  • gdu-console.log
  • provision-fail.log
  • provision-crash-<grid_info>.log
  • dsierror.log
  • ntp
  • ntpstats
  • net-snmpd.log
  • /var/spool/compaq/*.log 

This system and configuration information is also saved to files within Lumberjack’s output .tar file. 

System information to a system_command file and configuration information to various bundles files. 

Lumberjack is installed with every grid node as part of the standard StorageGRID installation process.


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