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How to RTFI a NetApp HCI node or Storage Node using a USB key

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This KB applies primarily to the HCI nodes types below:

  • HCI Compute Nodes
    • H410C
    • H610C
    • H615C
    • H300E/H500E/H700E (deprecated; now H410C)
  • HCI Flash Storage Node
    • H610S

Note, however, that the RTFI process also applies to these non-HCI nodes running Element Software:

  • SF Series Storage Nodes
    • SF3010/SF6010/SF9010 (legacy, EOA)
    • SF2405/SF4805/SF9605/SF19210/SF38410 (EOA)
  • FC Series Fibre Channel Nodes
    • FCN001 (EOA)
    • FC025 (EOA)
  • HCI Deployment Engine/Monitoring Agent


Use this procedure to RTFI an HCI node using a USB key.

Note: For compute nodes that already have ESXi installed, using this procedure with NetApp HCI 1.6+ Compute BootStrap OS ISO image will update the firmware and the Bootstrap OS on that compute node leaving ESXi and configuration data intact. The only way to reset an existing ESXi installation starting with NetApp HCI 1.6+ is to use the Factory Reset option from the Compute TUI.

For the HCI storage nodes, use the existing methods to copy the Element OS ISO image onto the USB key.
For the HCI compute nodes, it is recommended to use Linux ‘dd’ command to do a raw copy of the Compute BootStrap OS ISO image onto the USB key.

Note: Due to the larger size of the compute ISO image, it is possible that RTFI may show failures if the USB key is created using 3rd party USB creator applications.


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