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How to troubleshoot issues with auto-code sync/controller replacement

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Applies to

  • E-Series
  • Flash Array
  • E-Series Triage Template



Section 1: Usage


  • Refer this TTT during a new case creation on the NetApp Support site
  • It is used by TSEs/Partners when a customer calls support directly, to help frame the issue
  • Section 2 provides links to most common solutions and additional resources for the Product/Technology
  • Section 3 provides steps to gather the relevant data to open a case
Product/Technology: E-Series
Customer/Partner/TSE unfamiliar with the Product/Technology

This template is intended to aid in recovering from an auto-code sync issue or a controller replacement issue.

Note: On XBB2 (7900) systems, removing a single controller disconnects one of the AC power supplies and causes the processor to overheat if one controller is pulled from the system for more than 15 minutes. Leave the failed controller in the system until ready for replacement.

Section 2: Solutions
  • E-Series documentation can be accessed here
  • SANtricity documentation cane be accessed here
Section 3: Troubleshooting

The common issues with controller replacement are:

  • auto-code sync
  • submodel ID mismatch
  • damaged hardware

Auto-code sync and submodel ID mismatch errors are displayed in the serial console output.

Symptomatically, the controller that fails to ACS or has a submodel ID mismatch is typically going to be marked offline automatically by the surviving controller, and report entries such as the following in the Recovery Guru:


The seven segment LED display should display one of the following codes:

  • L0 - mismatched controller types
  • L7 - Submodel ID not set or mismatched
  • LH - Controller firmware mismatch
  • L5 - Auto Code-Synchronization failure
  • LU - Start of day reboot limit exceeded
  • OS - OL - (switching back and forth between OS and OL) - Operational State Offline
  • 88 - Controller Held in Reset

Note: There can be additional 7-segment LED display codes that occur, the list above is a list of common codes that might indicate an ACS issue.

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