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SSD disk missing

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • Disk Shelf DS212C
  • X670_S163315TATE


  • Autosupport alert generated for (FILESYSTEM DISK MISSING) ERROR
[Node-01: config_failed_disk: callhome.fdsk.missing:error]: Call home for FILESYSTEM DISK MISSING
  • Sysconfig -a shows no information for the missing disk

00.3 : NETAPP   X670_S163315TATE NA04 14651.0GB 520B/sect (XXXXXXXXXXXXX)
00.5 : NETAPP   X670_S163315TATE NA04 14651.0GB 520B/sect (XXXXXXXXXXXXX)

  • EMS log shows ONTAP previously tried powercycling the disk to recover it before invalidating it

[Node-01: pmcsas_timeout_0: sas.adapter.debug:info]: params: {'debug_string': 'Device 0a.00.4 is present and powered up but is about to be invalidated (20) -- power cycling.', 'adapterName': '0a'}
[Node-01: pmcsas_asyncd_0: sas.adapter.debug:info]: params: {'debug_string': 'Powercycle on device 0d.00.4 complete: status 0', 'adapterName': '0a'}
[Node-01: pmcsas_asyncd_0: sas.adapter.debug:info]: params: {'debug_string': 'Starting powercycle on device 0a.00.4', 'adapterName': '0a'}

  • EMS log shows disk is missing

[Node-01: config_thread: raid.config.filesystem.disk.missing:info]: File system Disk 0d.00.4 Shelf 0 Bay 4 [NETAPP   X670_S163315TATE NA04] S/N [XXXXXXXXXXXXX] UID [5002538A:47A5B2C0:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000:00000000] is missing.

  • Multiple power cycles seen on the disk in sasadmin expander_phy_state

::> system node run -node * -command sasadmin expander_phy_state

Expander phy state on 0a.0 (NETAPP  :DS22412IOM12A    SHFHUXXXXXXXXXXX):
                              Pwr         Invald Disprt Loss   Phy    CRC    Phy                    
                          Pwr Ccl Rsv Rls DWord  Error  Sync   Reset  Error  Change SATA            
PHY/BAY STATE             ON  Cnt Cnt Cnt Count  Count  Count  Prob   Cnt    Cnt    Affiliation     
------- ----------------- --- --- --- --- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ----------------
20/4    Rate unknown      YES 84  0   0

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