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NetApp adopts Microsoft’s Business-to-Customer (B2C) Identity Management
Effective December 3 - NetApp adopts Microsoft’s Business-to-Customer (B2C) identity management to simplify and provide secure access to NetApp resources. For accounts that did not pre-register (prior to Dec 3) access to your NetApp data may take up to 1 hour as your legacy NSS ID is synchronized to the new B2C identity. To learn more, Read the FAQ and Watch the video. Need assistance? Complete this form and select “Registration Issue” as the Feedback Category. 
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System health alert reports Service Processor is not properly configured

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • Clustered Data ONTAP
  • FAS/AFF Models


  • "system health alert show" reports about improper configuration like the following:

Cluster::> system health alert show
               Node: Cluster-01
           Resource: SP Config
           Severity: Major
    Indication Time: Fri Apr 17 09:17:32 2020
           Suppress: false
        Acknowledge: false
     Probable Cause: Service Processor is not properly configured.
    Possible Effect: You might not be able to use the Service Processor to
                     remotely access, monitor, and troubleshoot your
                     storage system.
 Corrective Actions: 1. Use the "system service-processor network modify" command to configure the network interface of the Service Processor.
                     2. Use the "system service-processor image modify -node Cluster-01 -autoupdate true" to configure AutoUpdate feature of the Service Processor.
                     3. Contact the technical support if the alert persists.

  • "system health subsystem show" shows degraded status for Service-Processor subsystem

Cluster::> system health subsystem show
Subsystem         Health
----------------- ------------------
SAS-connect       ok
Environment       ok
Memory            ok
Service-Processor degraded
Switch-Health     ok
CIFS-NDO          ok
Motherboard       ok
IO                ok
MetroCluster      ok
MetroCluster_Node ok
FHM-Switch        ok
FHM-Bridge        ok
SAS-connect_Cluster ok
13 entries were displayed.

  • "system controller show" shows node in degraded status

Cluster::> system controller show
Controller Name           System ID     Serial Number     Model    Status
------------------------- ------------- ----------------- -------- -----------
Cluster-01                537xxxxxx     621xxxxxxxxx      FAS2650  degraded
Cluster-02                537xxxxxx     621xxxxxxxxx      FAS2650  ok



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