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How to match LUNs NAA number to its serial number

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  • SAN
  • FlexPod


A LUN Network Address Authority (NAA) number is a globally unique identifier for a LUN. The NAA number can be used to determine a LUN's serial number and vice versa.


Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode or clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 or later include a LUN command to obtain the LUN serial number in the hexadecimal format:

lun serial -x /vol/test/lun

Serial (hex)#: 0x486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b

Take the example of a LUN with the following NAA number:


Remove the NAA string and the first 8 characters. In this example, naa.60a98000 (this is one of the NetApp vendor identifiers).

The remaining value (486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b) is the hexadecimal string which, when converted from HEX to ASCII, will be the LUN serial number. There are many Web-based tools to convert HEX to ASCII and vice versa if you are using a version of Data ONTAP that does not have the lun serial -x command available.

486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b in HEX converts to an ASCII value of HnT-OZ/GiMhK

You can either use the output of the command lun show –v, or review the 'LUN CONFIGURATION' section of a storage system’s autosupport output to determine which is the LUN, based on the LUN serial number in the ASCII format.

The following is an example of the output of the lun show –v command:

Filer1> lun show -v /vol/test/lun
/vol/test/lun  5g (5368709120)(r/w, online, mapped)
Serial#: HnT-OZ/GiMhK
Share: none
Space Reservation: disabled
Multiprotocol Type: vmware
Maps: test=0

Note the LUN serial number above (HnT-0Z/GiMhK). The LUN with naa.60a98000486e542d4f5a2f47694d684b is /vol/test/lun.

Note: For more information on identifying disks in a VMware ESX environment, see VMware article 1014953.

NetApp NAA prefixes are as follows:

Clustered Data ONTAP and Data ONTAP 7-Mode naa.60a98000
Clustered Data ONTAP naa.600a0980
E-Series naa.60080e50



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