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How do NetApp, Broadcom, and Customers Collaborate for Switch Troubleshooting and Replacement?

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Applies to

  • Broadcom BES-53248 switch purchased from NetApp
  • Broadcom support contract with onsite parts replacement service level agreement


NetApp resells and utilizes Broadcom Ethernet switches as part of Cluster and MetroCluster solutions. In the event of an issue NetApp and Broadcom will work collaboratively with our customer to ensure a seamless experience while troubleshooting or replacing a switch. If in doubt, call NetApp first.

Detailed below are responsibilities of each party involved:

NetApp Technical Support
  • NetApp Hardware / Software technical support
  • If during troubleshooting it is determined to be a Broadcom switch problem, NetApp will assist the customer when engaging Broadcom
  • Remain engaged throughout Broadcom engagement and provide advice as needed on the overall solution
  • Verify cluster network health after switch replacement
  • Onsite troubleshooting and triage of the configuration and/or interoperability issues
  • Review the switch replacement process if Broadcom determines the switch is faulty
  • Backup switch configuration
  • Change request scheduling
  • Inform Broadcom field engineer of onsite access requirements and provide detailed grid, row, and rack location
  • Provide onsite Broadcom field engineer with firmware image and NetApp switch reference configuration file (RCF)
  • Re-loading of network configuration such as switch management interface configuration (IP address, default gateway) and SSH settings
Broadcom Service Provider TAC
  • Remote technical support and triage of switch hardware and software
  • Return Material Authorizations (RMA) dispatch of replacement part (Field Replaceable Unit, switch) per the contract SLA purchased
  • Provide onsite parts and labor from the time the Service Provider TAC has determined a replacement is required and confirmed dispatch with the customer
  • The onsite technician with the assistance from the customer will ensure the switch contains the appropriate firmware and will restore any port licenses previously installed on the failed switch
  • Maintenance support - Broadcom can load the customer provided RCF file with an onsite engineer during production switch replacement

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