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PowerSupply on switch is missing or is not operational

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Cluster Network Switch


  • Power supply issue reported on cluster network switch
  • Cluster Switch Health Monitoring (CSHM) reports following health alert
"PowerSupply" on switch "switch name" is missing or is not operational.
  • EMS messages observed

[netapp-01: cshmd: hm.alert.raised:alert]: Alert Id = SwitchPowerFail_Alert , Alerting Resource = switch name/PowerSupply raised by monitor cluster-switch
[netapp-01: mgwd:]: Call home for Health Monitor process cshm: SwitchPowerFail_Alert[switch name/PowerSupply].

  • Switch logs indicate PSU issue
# show environment
Fan             Model                Hw     Direction       Status
Fan1(sys_fan1)  NXA-FAN-30CFM-F      --     back-to-front   Ok
Fan2(sys_fan2)  NXA-FAN-30CFM-F      --     back-to-front   Ok
Fan3(sys_fan3)  NXA-FAN-30CFM-F      --     back-to-front   Ok
Fan4(sys_fan4)  NXA-FAN-30CFM-F      --     back-to-front   Ok
Fan_in_PS1      --                   --     back-to-front   Shutdown
Fan_in_PS2      --                   --     back-to-front   Ok
Fan Zone Speed: Zone 1: 0x9a
Fan Air Filter : NotSupported

Power Supply:
Voltage: 12 Volts
Power                      Actual             Actual        Total
Supply    Model            Output             Input      Capacity       Status
                           (Watts )           (Watts )     (Watts )
-------  ----------  ---------------  ------  ----------  --------------------
1        NXA-PAC-650W-PE         0 W                0 W         0 W   Shutdown
2        NXA-PAC-650W-PE       162 W              174 W       650 W      Ok

Chassis has 2 PowerSupply Slots
PS1 fail/shutdown
Power supply type is: 7005.60W 220v AC
Model number is N2200-PAC-400W
H/W version is 1024.0
Part Number is 341-0375-07
Part Revision is A0
Manufacture Date is Year 2016 Week 22
Serial number is XXXXXXXXXXX
  • Corrective actions recommended by health alert were carried out

Cluster::> system health alert definition show -node <node name> -monitor cluster-switch -alert-id SwitchPowerFail_Alert

                      Node: Node01
                   Monitor: cluster-switch
            Class of Alert: SwitchPowerFail_Alert
         Severity of Alert: Major
            Probable Cause: Power_supply_failure
Probable Cause Description: "$(cluster_switch_power.psu-name)" on switch "$(cluster_switch_power.device)" is missing or is not operational.
           Possible Effect: Power supply redundancy on switch "$(cluster_switch_power.device)" might be lost.
        Corrective Actions: 1) Ensure that the power supply units supplying power to the switch are turned on.
                            2) Ensure that the power cord is securely connected to the power supply of the switch.

  • Power supply reseated and failed to come online


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