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How to upgrade a NetApp CN1601 or CN1610 cluster network switch?

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Applies to

  • NetApp CN1610
  • NetApp CN1601


The cluster interconnect switches must be upgraded prior to upgrading to a later release of ONTAP.

There are two components that must be considered in the switch upgrade. The switch OS (FASTPATH) and the reference configuration file (RCF). Both of these must be compatible with the version of ONTAP installed. The switch is upgraded before ONTAP is and for older versions (prior to ONTAP 8.2.4 or FASTPATH 1.2.07), this may require multiple steps to staying in a supported configuration. Even though it is not supported, newer ONTAP versions have been known to successfully function with older FASTPATH or RCF versions in the past because of few changes.

The RCF is a template of the basic required configuration of the switch interfaces in order to function as a cluster switch and doesn't include additional features such as the service port, DNS, or SNMP. These changes must be manually configured. Prior to rebooting a switch, 'write memory' should be run to ensure that any manual configuration is persistent on reboot. If a newer version of the RCF is required, additional manual configuration will have be required.

Upgrading the cluster switch is non-disruptive because only one switch is upgraded at a time, however, additional precautions must be taken. Prior to performing the uprgrade, the cluster LIFs will need to be migrated to ports that wont be impacted during switch reboot. The storage nodes ports will need to be shut down as well as the switch interconnects. You can review other requirements in the Interconnect and Management Switches documentation section on the support site.



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