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How to add Additional Port Licensing for the Broadcom BES-53248 Switch

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Broadcom BES-53248 Ethernet switch


This article outlines the process and steps for activating additional Ethernet ports on the Broadcom-supported BES-53248 Ethernet switch (Part numbers: X190005, X190005R).  The BES-53248 comes configured by default with 16 x 10/25GbE (SFP+/SFP28) ports and 2 x 40/100GbE (QSFP+/QSFP28) ports activated.  The additional port licenses provide activation for up to an additional 32 x 10/25GbE ports, for a total of 48 x 10/25GbE ports and up to an additional 6 x 40/100GbE ports, for a total of 8 x 40/100GbE ports. 

Note: Transceivers and/or cables for switch ports are not included with the switch or port licenses. They need to be separately purchased as add-on parts.

Based on the port license, there are three options for configuring port activations. This includes a combination of 10/25GbE ports and 40/100GbE ports, 10/25GbE ports only or 40/100GbE ports only. The three license options for activating additional ports are outlined in Table 1.  The table provides the NetApp port activation licensing for additional ports (these are new part numbers that were introduced in June 2021). 

Table 1 - BES-53248 port license matrix

The following part numbers in Table 2 were replaced with part numbers outlined above in Table 1. They are provided here for historical reference.

Table 2 - Port license part number changes




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