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iSCSI Linux client LUN paths not optimal for ALUA

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.x
  • Linux
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • Running multipath -ll displays incorrect asynchronous logical unit access (ALUA) for MPIO, performance not optimal
  • ONTAP Maintenance may result in outage for time to live sensitive applications/databases
0123456789 NETAPP,LUN C-Mode
size=2.6T features='3 queue_if_no_path pg_init_retries 50' hwhandler='1 alua' wp=rw
|-+- policy='service-time 0' prio=50 status=active
| `- 33:0:0:0 sdc  active ready running
`-+- policy='service-time 0' prio=10 status=enabled
|- 35:0:0:0 sdb  active ready running
|- 36:0:0:0 sdd  active ready running
`- 34:0:0:0 sde active ready running
Error: 17053, Severity: 16, State: 1.
SQLServerLogMgr::LogWriter: Operating system error 1117(The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.) encountered.
Write error during log flush.
Error: 9001, Severity: 21, State: 4.
The log for database 'msdb' is not available. Check the operating system error log for related error messages. Resolve any errors and restart the database.
Database msdb was shutdown due to error 9001 in routine 'XdesRMFull::CommitInternal'. Restart for non-snapshot databases will be attempted after all connections to the database are aborted.
Error: 823, Severity: 24, State: 2.
The operating system returned error 1117(The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.) to SQL Server during a read at offset x in file 'x:\sqlsystemdb\mssqlserverx\MSSQL\DATA\tempdb.mdf'.
Additional messages in the SQL Server error log and operating system error log may provide more detail. This is a sever system-level error condition that threatens database integrity and must be corrected immediately.
Complete a full database consistency check (DBCC CHECKDB).



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