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X477A to X336A model ID correction process - HAKPE04TA07

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Applies to

  • X336_HAKPE04TA07 NA01 firmware (bundled in ONTAP 9.10.1RC1)
  • X336A-R6 4TB NL-SAS drive


Recently released ONTAP release 9.10.1RC1 included an incorrect firmware (FW) file for the X336A-R6 4TB HDD SAS drive with Model ID string X336_HAKPE04TA07 and FW version NA01. This FW was posted on the NetApp Support Site (NSS) for a short period of time, as well.

As a result, after upgrading ONTAP to this release or by downloading the FW from NSS, the background FW update function will download X336_HAKPE04TA07.NA01.LOD firmware to the matching Model ID string mentioned above.

This firmware update will result in mislabeling the Model ID string being reported in ONTAP. The incorrect drive string for the X336A-R6 drive will report as X477_HAKPE04TA07. 

Although there is no functional issue with the Model ID string changing, it could result in an incorrect replacement drive if an RMA were issued for a failed drive.

The issue with the Model ID string can be corrected with the process below to revert the model ID string back without replacing the physical drive.  This process will convert all the drives in the system with X477_HAKPE04TA07 to X336_HAKPE04TA07.

Attention: This process is to be used only on native 12Gb/s SAS3 storage with the earlier reported X336 Model ID string. Do not use this process on 6Gb/s SAS2 storage that include the X477 Model ID for X477A-R6 4TB drives. Following the below process on those systems would change X477 Model ID string to X336 Product ID for the X477A-R6 drive type.


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