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Why do disks fail with the error raid label does not match

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Disk failed with storage error raid label does not match

[]: Label write on Disk 4a.2 Shelf 0 Bay 2 [Maxtor 5A250J0U66 RBTU]S/N [A40DPXAE] failed with storage error raid label does not match. The system will stop using the disk for I/O operations.

  • Data ONTAP maintains two copies of the raid labels, label 1 and label 2.
  • When Data ONTAP needs to update the labels (for instance, upon adding a disk to an aggregate or when changing the state of an aggregate), it will write every label 1 out to participating disks in the aggregate, read every label back, and if the results match Data ONTAP will then do the same for label 2.
  • The error means that the storage layer claimed to read and write to the disk without any problems, however the label that ONTAP read back does not match the label it wrote. The disk will then be recommended for failure.
  • Typically this is a lost write issue, however undetected bad sectors can cause this as well.

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