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What is a NFS op with the ONTAP operating system?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Data ONTAP 8
  • Data ONTAP 7-Mode
  • NFS version 3


  • A single Network File System operation (NFS op) is the combination of a NFS request from a client, and a NFS reply to the request from a server.
  • In many cases, a single NFS call will generate several NFS operations.


If an NFS client were to lookup a directory named /home/netapp , two NFS ops may be generated to determine if the /home/netapp directory already exists: 

  1. NFS client performs a lookup of /home ; then the NFS server responds with the results. 
  2. NFS client performs a lookup of /home/netapp ; then the NFS server responds with the results.
  • The list of NFS ops available to the client, and the number of calls per op can be viewed with the following command: 

MyMac:~ nfsstat

Getattr      Setattr       Lookup     Readlink         Read        Write

   515            10            62         0            110         107

Create       Remove       Rename         Link      Symlink        Mkdir

   20            9            0            0            0            4

Rmdir      Readdir     RdirPlus       Access        Mknod       Fsstat

   0          55            24            17            0            77

Fsinfo     PathConf       Commit

   88            5            24

  •  Refer to your own nfsstat manual page for additional information.

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