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Snapshot usage alerted by ActiveIQ Unified Manager on SVM root volumes

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP9
  • Snapshot Reserve
  • Load Sharing SnapMirror (LSM)
  • ActiveIQ Unified Manager


  • Unexpected high Snapshot usage on SVM root volumes exceeding default Snapshot Reserve
  • ActiveIQ Unified Manager alerting  Risk Volume Snapshot Reserve Space Full on SVM root volume or one of its Load Sharing SnapMirror target volumes
Risk          - Volume Snapshot Reserve Space Full
Impact Area   - Protection
Severity      - Warning
State         - New
Source        - multi_protocol:/svm1_root_volume
Cluster Name  - cluster01
Cluster FQDN  - cluster01.local
Trigger Condition - The Snapshot reserve full threshold set at (90%) is breached. 94.50 MB of 102.40 MB is used
  • volume show-space shows major capacity in snapshots only, Total and Snapshot Reserve are almost identical

    Volume : svm1_root_volume
      Feature                                           Used      Used%
      --------------------------------      ----------------      -----
      User Data                                       48.0KB         0%
      Filesystem Metadata                              400KB         0%
      Inodes                                          24.0KB         0%
      Snapshot Reserve                                51.1MB         5%
      Total                                           52.0MB         5%
      Total Physical Used                             10.6MB         1%
      Logical Used                                     868KB         0%

      Logical Available                                971MB        95%
  • df shows, snapshot reserve being exceeded despite root volume being empty

    /vol/svm1_root_volume/             1992296       2592    1989704       0%  /vol/svm1_root_volume
    /vol/svm1_root_volume/.snapshot     104856      58408      46448      56%  /vol/svm1_root_volume/.snapshot




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