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SAS port on controller has disabled PHY

Applies to

  • Data ONTAP 8
  • ONTAP 9
  • serial-attached SCSI (SAS)


There is SAS port PHY disabled alert in "system health alert show".


Clutser1::> system health alert show
               Node: Node1
           Resource: Port 0b
           Severity: Major
    Indication Time: Fri Jan 03 01:07:42 2020
           Suppress: false
        Acknowledge: false
     Probable Cause: SAS port 0b on controller Node1 has 1 disabled
    Possible Effect: Inactive PHYs might cause degraded link performance.
Corrective Actions: 1. Verify that SAS port 0b has disabled PHYs by using the "storage port show -node Node1 -port 0b" command.
                     2. If the disk shelves connected to port 0b have multiple path to the node, reset port 0b by using the (privilege: advanced) "storage port reset -node Node1 -port 0b" command.
                     3. Verify that the physical cable connection is secure and operational. If the disk shelves are multipathed, reseat the cable.
                     4. If the connected disk shelf is multipathed, replace
                     the SAS cable.

"sysconfig -a" shows one PHY State is disbaled.


slot 0: SAS Host Adapter 0b (PMC-Sierra PM8070 rev. C, SAS, <UP>)
        Firmware rev:
        Base WWN:           5:00a098:003abb6:34
        Phy State:          [4] Disabled
                            [5] Enabled, 12.0 Gb/s
                            [6] Enabled, 12.0 Gb/s
                            [7] Enabled, 12.0 Gb/s



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