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Root migration fails. Node configuration backup fails with Error: mgmtgwd.configbr.backupfailed

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • NDO Migrate Root


  • The Node configuration backups fail with error, "Failed to open the published package"
Mon Jun 22 04:49:22 -0600 [Cluster1-Node2: mgwd: mgmtgwd.configbr.backupFailed:error]: The node configuration backup Cluster1-Node2.daily.2020-06-22.00_10_00.7z cannot be created. Error: 'Failed to open the published package Cluster1-Node2.daily.2020-06-22.00_10_00.7z at /mroot/etc/cluster_config/pubroot/tmp_pkg-b7cd-05c0-876c-b171.pkg for verification. '.
  • During root aggregate migration the process might fail with the below error in job show
    ClusterA::*> job show -id <id> -instance
                          Job ID: <id>
                  Owning Vserver: ClusterA
                            Name: Migrate root aggregate
                     Description: Root aggregate migration job for node ClusterA-01
                        Priority: High
                            Node: ClusterA-01
                        Affinity: Cluster
                        Schedule: @now
                      Queue Time: 04/20 16:07:07
                      Start Time: 04/20 16:07:07
                        End Time: 04/20 16:22:07
                  Drop-dead Time: -
                      Restarted?: false
                           State: Failure
                     Status Code: 1
               Completion String: Failed to backup node configuration. Reason: Wait Timeout.
                        Job Type: NDO Migrate Root
                    Job Category: Non Disruptive Operation
                            UUID: <uuid>
              Execution Progress: Complete: Failed to backup node configuration. Reason: Wait Timeout. [1]
                       User Name: admin
                         Process: mgwd


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