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Performance implications of using mixed 40G and 10G cluster interconnects

Applies to

Product Model: FAS and AFF systems

OS: Data ONTAP with CN1610 / Cisco Cluster Interconnect Switches


  • Increased latency over the cluster interconnect is observed when accessing data indirectly, along with port errors in netstat and/or  ifstat in a cluster of different platform models having 40G supported in one HA pair and 10G supported in another HA pair with data from 40G nodes being accessed through 10G nodes.
  • When running such mixed configuration platform models in cluster, keeping the cluster interconnect speed into account is important.
  • As it can cause pressure on the node(s) sending and/or receiving the traffic which shows up as retransmits in netstat  or buffer issues/packet drops on the ifstat -a output when a data Lif connects indirectly to access data (over the cluster interconnect). 



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