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ONTAP unable to serve iSCSI or Fibre Channel (FC) data from one node with FabricPool

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Fabric Pool



  • An ONTAP node that owns an aggregate using fabric pool and the hosts see the LUNs but are unable to access the data.
  • Host logs show a medium error
In this example VMware vmkernel logs show a medium error when trying to access a LUN.
2020-01-01T01:10:00.454Z cpu42:2503487)lpfc: lpfc_handle_status:5226: 0:(0):3271: FCP cmd x28 failed <19/179> sid x49ce09, did x499584, oxid x1657 iotag x195d SCSI Chk Cond - Medium Err: Data(x2:x3:x11:xc)
  • In diagnostic privelege on the cluster shell run 'event log show -messagename*'
If ONTAP shows the node owning the aggregate such as below, the issue is ObjectStore connectivity related.
Tue Jan 01 01:10:01 MDT [NetApp1-01: OscLowPriThreadPool:]: Unable to connect to the object store "NetApp1_objectstore1" from node 0900000-7000-100a-8cf5-d039ea1abe22.


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