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Node goes down due to environemntal shutdown stating battery not charging even after replacing the NVRAM battery

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FAS
  • AFF


  • Node suffers an environmental shutdown:

[cluster1-01:callhome.battery.failure:EMERGENCY]: Call home for BATTERY (no charge) CRITICAL.
[cluster1-01:monitor.shutdown.emergency:EMERGENCY]: Emergency shutdown: Environmental Reason Shutdown (Battery not charging)

  • Node reports the following warning message while booting up:

WARNING:  The battery is experiencing a critical failure:
- Failed to charge the battery
Without a working battery, the system cannot retain data
during a power outage, which can result in data loss.
Power down the system and verify that the battery is
properly installed.
To ignore this failure and boot the system in a mode
where data loss might occur, press 'c' followed by 'Enter'

CAUTION: Using this appliance without NVRAM
battery backup coupled with a power
failure condition CAN CAUSE DATA LOSS.
Are you sure you want to continue (y or n)?

  • SP/BMC firmware is at the latest firmware. 

  • NVRAM Battery replacement doesn't help.

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