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In-Band ACP reporting "initializing", "firmware-update-required", or "unsupported" for IOM6 modules

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • In-Band Alternate Control Path (ACP)
  • IOM6 modules
  • ONTAP 9.x


  • In ONTAP 9.x, In-Band ACP is the default configuration.
  • ACP modules may report the following instead of active:
    • initializing
    • firmware-update-required
    • unsupported
  • ACP status appears in EMS log (on initial change in status):

Mon Aug 05 10:07:15 CEST [CLUSTER-01: dsa_worker1: ses.status.ACPWarn:error]: DS4246 (S/N SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx) shelf 1 on channel 0a ACP Processor warning for SAS shelf ACP processor 1: ACP status not available. Element in transition mode. This module is on the rear of the shelf at the top center, on shelf module A.
Mon Aug 05 10:07:16 CEST [CLUSTER-01: sem_broker: acp.need.firmware.update:error]: ACP module  (NA) needs a firmware upgrade, (disk shelf serial number: SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx).

  • Status can be checked any time with the following commands:

::> storage shelf acp module show -fields protocol-version ,firmware-version ,state,module-name,iom-type ,shelf-serial-number 
node         module-name protocol-version firmware-version shelf-serial-number iom-type state 
------------ ----------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------------- -------- ------------------------ 
CLUSTER-01   1.01.A          0.0              SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx     iom6     firmware-update-required 
CLUSTER-01   1.01.B          0.0              SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx     iom6     firmware-update-required 
CLUSTER-01   1.02.A          0.0              SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx     iom6     unsupported 
CLUSTER-01   1.02.B          0.0              SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx     iom6     unsupported 

::> system node run -node * -command acpadmin ibacp_list_all
Node: CLUSTER-01
Number of ACP modules 2
MAC                SES    Last Contact  Protocol   Assigner    Shelf             Current Inband   IOM     shelf
Address            bit    (seconds ago) Version    ACPA ID     S/N               State   ID       Type    flag
00:a0:98:xx:xx:xx  00      6780   0           SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx   0x9    0a.01.A IOM6      0x20
00:a0:98:xx:xx:xx  00      1432   0           SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx   0x9    0b.01.B IOM6      0x20
00:a0:98:xx:xx:xx  00      4452   0           SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx   0xe    0a.02.A IOM6      0x20
00:a0:98:xx:xx:xx  01      1121   0           SHFxxxxxxxxxxxx   0xe    0b.02.B IOM6      0x20

  • This same information is available in AutoSupport in the STORAGE-ACP-MODULE.XML and ACP-IBACP-LIST-ALL sections respectively.


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