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How to gracefully shutdown a single node ONTAP cluster

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Applies to

  • FAS systems
  • AFF systems
  • Single Node cluster


Several events might require a graceful shutdown of ONTAP equipment such as:

  • Scheduled site power outage
  • Data center wide maintenance
  • Physical system move
  • Preparation for future re-purposing of equipment
  • This procedure is for non-MetroCluster configurations only
  • Local admin password for ONTAP 9
  • If using NetApp onboard key management (OKM), the cluster-wide passphrase available
  • Ensure SP/BMC for the controller is accessible
  • Warn users of disruption
    • Stop all clients/hosts from accessing data on the NetApp system
    • Suspend external backup jobs
  • Personnel onsite to perform physical equipment tasks
  • General preparation for onsite maintenance
Prior to shutdown
(Best practices)
Identifying hardware components

The ONTAP system is comprised of one or more of the following components. Use the following links for helpful details and images to assist onsite personnel with locating and identifying the equipment.


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