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How to correct ACP partial connectivity and Single Path HA on a FAS22xx platform

Applies to

FAS2000 series


This article describes the procedure that should be followed to correct Alternate Control Path (ACP) partial connectivity and Single Path HA on a FAS22xx platform.

The following output is displayed:

NetApp Release 8.1 7-Mode: Thu Mar 29 13:56:17 PDT 2012
System ID: 1789379212 (ncdra00016n1); partner ID: 1789383578 (ncdra00016n2)
System Serial Number: 600000139685 (ncdra00016n1)
System Rev: B1
System Storage Configuration: Single-Path HA
System ACP Connectivity: Partial Connectivity

Note: Without any external disk shelves, the FAS22XX series controller has only one path to the disks on the internal shelf, and there is no connection to the ACP lock-wrench port e0P.



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